Grid and Cloud Computing Research Laboratory

State University of New York (SUNY) Binghamton
Department of Computer Science

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One of the most exciting and promising directions for computer science research is in harnessing the computational power of the vast array of computing resources connected by increasingly high speed computer networks. The goal is to create a single universal source of computing power, making computational and data resources available to users and applications programmers on a scale never before possible. This research area is called grid computing.

The Grid and Cloud Computing Research Laboratory (GCRL) concentrates on research related to the field of grid computing, including

More information can be found on our projects and papers pages.

Our group consists of three faculty and an array of talented and hardworking students, who graduate to successful and lucrative careers. We're well-funded by the National Science Foundation, and the Department of Energy, and we enjoy access to state of the art computing facilities.

If you are a new CS graduate student enrolled at Binghamton and in search of an advisor or research area, or you are considering applying to our program and might be interested in grid computing, please read our page for prospective students.

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